I Love NY!

The New York legislature has seen the
light! After 15 years of effort by the state‚€™s wine industry, and just
a little prodding by the US Supreme Court, the Empire State has enacted
a law to allow interstate direct shipping of wine to consumers.
Informed by the Supremes that its law allowing New York wineries to ship
to consumers in state while banning shipments from California or
elsewhere was unconstitutional, New York‚€™s lawmakers did the honorable
thing and opted for free trade. Regulated free trade, mind you, but
free trade.
New York, you will recall, was one of two states directly affected by
the Supreme Court ruling. The other state, Michigan (State motto:
‚€œWe‚€™re not the end of the world, but you can see it from here.‚€)
appears to be moving the other way, with state liquor authorities
seeking legislation to ban all shipment. Such a move could gravely
injure Michigan‚€™s own wine industry just as it is beginning to gain
national attention.
New York‚€™s law would allow wineries to ship up to 36 cases a year to a
customer across state lines and allows shipments into New York from
wineries in states that allow reciprocal shipment. Out-of-state wineries
will require New York licenses, so there will be some deviltry in the
details of regulation. But for now, New York’s winemakers are ecstatic,
and I have another reason to consider moving to a reciprocal state.
(Get the point, Maryland?)

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