Curses, Screwed Again!

I’m a big fan of screwcaps, as you may know from reading Dave McIntyre’s WineLine.
But am I the only one who finds Stelvins frustratingly hard to open?
This most common type of screwcap is attached to the foil by a
perforation that should separate with a good hard twist, but the foil
always turns, too. I’m desperate to get the first sip of wine, but the
darn thing spins under my fist and mocks me with a derision I’ve
seldom suffered since high school. I try gripper pads and pliers to hold
the foil or cap in place; sometimes these tactics work, but usually
not. So I hand the bottle to my wife, who grips the cap with her
super-secret-woman’s grasp and bingo! the damn thing’s open. More derision ensues, but at least now I have some wine to soothe my sense of inadequacy.

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