Restaurant Review: David Craig Bethesda

Well, okay, now I’ve gone and done it! I
don’t know if this counts as a “crossover artist” like some hip-hop star
recording a country song (more like William Shatner recording anything,
perhaps!) but I’m now a magazine restaurant critic. At least for a
short while.
Please read my review of David Craig Bethesda,
a new bistro that is bringing a little city cuisine to the suburban
neighborhood of Bethesda, Maryland, just outside Washington. It is in
the March 2006 issue of DC magazine. It’s a
two-star (out of five) rating for a restaurant that has already raised
the standards in its area and shows potential for even greater heights.
I’ve always had great respect for the work restaurant critics put into
their reviews, but actually putting one together gave me an even greater
appreciation. Suddenly I have to pay attention to all sorts of things I
really don’t give a damn about. This was driven home to me when my
editor pointed out that my first draft omitted any description of the
This promises to be a fun ride, and I hope it lasts. My second review
will be in the April issue, and I’m stoking my appetite – and my powers
of observation – for my third victim. I mean, target. Or whatever …
Happy dining!

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