Craving Port Tonic!

During my visit to Portugal last Fall, I fell in love with Port
Tonic, a refreshing cocktail made of one part white Port and two parts
tonic water, over ice, with a sprig of mint. It’s more bracing than a
gin and tonic (less alcohol, so less heavy), and deceptively easy to
knock down in mass
quantities. It’s the favored aperitif before lunch or dinner at
Vargellas, the flagship estate of The Fladgate Partnership, the
second-largest exporter of Port to the United States.
White Port of course is a bit of a stranger to U.S. wine lovers, as
very little of it is marketed here. Most white Port is off-dry, but
Taylor Fladgate makes a dry version called Chip Dry that shines in a
Port Tonic. Alas, Chip Dry is not sold in the U.S. But we can get
Fonseca’s Sirocco white Port, another Fladgate Partnership product; it
is a bit sweet but still makes a smashing P.T.!
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1 Response to Craving Port Tonic!

  1.  Julie St John says:

    Hello, Thanks for the suggestion–during the holidays we cracked open a
    “bottle of Port” to discover it was white Port–one that my husband had
    brought back on one of his many business trips to the Douro valley. It
    was good on its own–as an apertif but now I am going to try the Port
    Tonic–especially since I love Gin and Tonics–this will be a welcome
    change! Thanks again for your WineLine The Soul of Port.Julie

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