TN: Conte Brandolini Treanni, $19

Here’s a fun concept: Create a non-vintage red blend, similar in
concept to an NV brut Champagne, with the idea of achieving consistency
year to year independent of vintage variation, while achieving
complexity by combining some wine with a little age with the fruitiness
of young juice. That’s the idea behind Treanni, a blend
of Merlot, Refosco and Cabernet Franc from the Veneto wine region north
of Venice.
The current release, from the 2003 through 2005 vintages (you can tell
by the 2006 bottling date stamped in painfully small type on the back
label), offers enticing aromas of raspberry and white pepper, with a
silky, fleshy mouthfeel and appealing fruit flavors.
“The idea is to combine the freshness of young wine with the complexity
of the older wine,” says Count Brandino Brandolini, owner of the estate,
who visited Washington recently. “It’s a wine meant to be drunk very
informally, but with some complexity to give it interest.”
Conte Brandolini is best known for its powerful Merlot, called Vistorta. Count Brandolini also is president of Chateau Greysac in Bordeaux. Imported by Palm Bay Imports, Port Washington, N.Y.

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