The Enticing Aromatics of Omrah ….

Most of our sense of taste is actually in
our nose. You€™ve probably heard that before, but if you want proof,
check out the red wines of the Omrah line produced by Plantagenet Wines
in Western Australia. These display beguiling aromas of cologne (Old
Spice!), orange peel and tropical fruit aromas, with a remarkable
consistency across grape varieties.
Most enticing for me was the Omrah Pinot Noir 2006 ($18), from a cool
vintage that made the wine lighter than it could have been, while
emphasizing its aromas. This is neither an earthy Burgundy nor a
California fruit bomb, yet it is unmistakably pinot €“ a pinot
potpourri, of sorts.
The Omrah Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 and Shiraz 2004 (both $18) are from a
stronger vintage, and while they display the finesse and brawn of their
varieties, they also offer the same aromatic profile of the Pinot Noir.
These are delicious wines that will have you sticking your nose further
and further into your glass as you try to identify each flavor. Great
values, too.
Omrah is the middle of three tiers produced by Plantagenet; I like it
better than the slightly more expensive Plantagenet Estate
wines, which tend toward overripe, compote flavors in the reds. (Fans
of Aussie Riesling should seek out the $20 Plantagenet 2006 Great
Southern.) The Hazard Hill line retails for $14, and is quite fine, especially a crisp, refreshing white made from Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc.
Plantagenet Wines are imported by Robert Whale Selections, Inc., of Washington, DC, and distributed in DC and Virginia by the Henry Wine Group.

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