Still Time for Al Fresco Dining (and Drinking!)

As summer winds down, there’s still
time to find new, interesting white wines for patio dining. Never a
white without a red to follow, never a red without a white before it.
Why settle for the same old, same old?
Saint AndrĂ© de Figuière “CuvĂ©e Valerie” CĂ´tes de Provence 2006
evokes the south of France with its sunny, rejuvenating acidity and
slight, enticingly herbaceous flavor. The blend is unconventional: 60
percent Ugni Blanc, 25 percent Rolle (the French name for Vermentino),
and 15 percent Semillon, which gives it some body. Enjoy it by itself,
with patio finger food (olives, cheese, chips and dip), or grilled
Imported by the Country Vintner and available in the D.C. area for
$14 at The Vineyard, 1445 Laughlin Ave., McLean, Va.; 703-288-2970.

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