This Nifty Gizmo Swirls and Spits for You – Well, Sort Of …

If you‚€™re looking for a gift to give your wine-loving friends this holiday season, consider the Vinturi Wine Aerator.
This nifty little gizmo tries to do away with cellar aging, decanting,
‚€œbreathing‚€ ‚€“ all the curses of wine lovers who have trouble
planning ahead.

Here‚€™s how it works: Just hold the Vinturi over your glass and pour
wine through it. The wine fizzes and gurgles with a sound not unlike
when you draw air through your teeth while swishing wine around your
mouth. The name of the device is a pun on the venturi effect, which
explains the flow of liquid through a constricted opening.
The idea behind aerating wine is to allow oxygen to soften the wine‚€™s
harshness or tannin and allow the fruit to emerge. The most common way
of accomplishing this is to decant a wine and allow it to ‚€œbreathe‚€
for a half-hour or more. The Vinturi accomplishes this in seconds.
Or does it? Well, I think so. I poured some wine into a
glass, then poured a second glass through the Vinturi. The second glass
tasted less tannic, more fruity than the first. It reminded me of the
last glass of a nice bottle, when the wine has begun to emerge and I
wish I hadn‚€™t drunk it so fast. Of course, I knew which glass was
which. When I offered the same glasses to two other people who had not
seen me pour them, they could not tell the difference.
After trying the Vinturi several times, I believe it works.
There is a gimmicky quality to it that makes some people skeptical,
however. And the noise could be mistaken for a certain bodily function,
as my 7-year-old daughter noted. If that bothers you, just pour the
entire bottle through the Vinturi into a decanter.
One thing to keep in mind, though: It won‚€™t make a bad wine good.
Vinturi Wine Aerator is available from Wine Enthusiast at for $40.
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