Real Men DO Drink Pink, Nigella!

Last Tuesday, June 24, British cookbook author Nigella Lawson (left)
was interviewed on NPR’s Morning Edition about stylish summer fare for
al fresco dining that would be a cut above burgers and dogs but not so
intimidating that we Americans would shy away from it. (Here’s
the story.) At the end of the interview, host Renee Montagne asked the
Domestic Goddess about her favorite summer wine, and the two seemed
almost apologetic to recommend rosé – a wine they said was usually
“sneered at.”

As soon as I got to my computer I fired off a note to the show’s producers – which, as I Vin_gris_label_2did
it through the NPR Web site, I don’t have anymore – chiding them that
rosé – dry rosé, at least – has long been championed by wine writers
as the ideal warm weather fare, as I did five years ago in WineLine 32.
Rosé, I argued, is well past its snob effect. To bolster my point, I
mentioned that rosé is made by more and more wineries across the
country, from Bonny Doon’s consistently delicious Vin Gris de Cigare to a juicy, delightful Rosato di Sangiovese from Ingleside Vineyards in Virginia. Both of these wines in the 2007 vintage are available now and worthy antidotes to the summer doldrums.

I don’t know if my letter was read on the air, but if people keep
believing that rosé is for sissies, well, I guess that means there’s
more for me!

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