Regional Wine Week Begins October 6!

The Eat Local movement is going mainstream, with farmers
markets cropping up and grocery stores hawking produce ‚€œfrom around
here.‚€ But most of us – unless we live on the West Coast – don‚€™t
tend to wash down our local food with local wine. Although wine is now
produced in all 50 states, local wine remains a novelty, something to be
sipped on an annual excursion to a wine festival or a mercy purchase
from a weekend trip to the country.

This should change. Local wines are not only more numerous than
before, but they are also getting better in quality. That‚€™s why I‚€™m
helping organize ‚€œRegional Wine Week,‚€ a project involving wine
writers in newspapers and on the Internet who will write about some of
their favorite wines ‚€œfrom around here‚€ during the week of October

During Regional Wine Week, you will be able to read about the best
wines from places like Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York.
Plus North Carolina‚€™s Yadkin Valley, the mountains of northern
Georgia, and Ohio and Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Colorado, and
Arizona. Ontario will also be represented in our effort.

Beginning October 6, participating writers will post to their blogs
or devote their Internet newsletters or newspaper columns to their
favorite regional wines. You will be able to follow these posts through, a Web site that will serve as a clearinghouse of
sorts to link to the various writers. The site is currently under
development but should be up and running well in advance of October 6.

My partner in this effort is Jeff Siegel, wine columnist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram
and a blogger who styles himself ‚€œThe Wine Curmudgeon.‚€ Whenever
Jeff travels, he searches store shelves and wine lists for local wines.
All too often, his search is in vain. Regional Wine Week is our effort
to call attention to the best wines in our regions.

So tune in and log on beginning October 6. Who knows, you might find a
new favorite winery near you, and maybe even some new favorite wine

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