Eat Local? Drink Local!

Drinklocal_small Regional Wine Week has been a resounding success so far, with hundreds of readers visiting to discover   the wonderful variety of wines being produced today in the United States and Canada.

Tonight, my column inThe Washington Post highlighted
this effort, along with some emerging trends in Virginia and Maryland
wine. Virginia is developing its own wonderful expression of Chardonnay,
and Jim Law’s Linden Vineyards is
a prime example. Petit Verdot is gaining favor as a potential rival to
Cabernet Franc as the Old Dominion’s premier red grape. Michael Shaps
produces the state’s best. And surprise! Virginia may be on the verge
of a breakthrough in producing sparkling wines of great character. Kluge Estate is in the vanguard, especially with its lovely 2004 Rosé.

In Maryland, Black Ankle Vineyards
is rewriting the book, winning acclaim and medals with its debut wines
even before the winery opened for business (just this last week!). Elk Run continues to impress with a delightful, floral Gewürztraminer, while Boordy Vineyards, an historically important winery for its promotion of French-American hybrid grape varieties, produces a sprightly Vidal.

Remember – Wine Country isn’t just California anymore!

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