Local Wines for Thanksgiving?

There’s a mini-movement afoot to promote the idea of “drinking local”
with Thanksgiving dinner this year. On one hand,  Tyler Colman,
who blogs as Dr. Vino,
takes a political and eco-activist stand and urges us to eschew
Beaujolais Nouveau for local wine, not just on the nouveau release date,
but categorically. Richard Leahy
takes a more scholarly approach with a treatise on why Eastern U.S.
grape varieties are ideally suited to match the traditional Eastern U.S.
Thanksgiving banquet. His discussion is thought-provoking as well as

For my part, I offer the local option for sparkling, white and red wines in today’s Washington Post.

What are you planning to drink with your Thanksgiving feast this year? Tell us in the Comments ….

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1 Response to Local Wines for Thanksgiving?

  1. Jeff Siegel says:

    The new vintage of Kim McPherson’s Tre Colore, a Texas Rhone blend. Some
    bubbly, perhaps the Gruet rose from New Mexico. And, if I feel my
    guests are worthy, white Burgundy (otherwise, white Gascon wine).

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