Flavium Bierzo Crianza 2005, $10

A few years ago, Bierzo was touted as Spain’s next emerging wine
region. The region’s main grape, Mencia, was thought to be related to
Cabernet Franc. But then DNA research apparently put the kybosh on that
theory, and it turned out that Mencia is merely identical to some
obscure Portuguese varietal. No prestige there, so less
cachet. This spicy little red, however, shows the
region’s potential. Beefy and slightly reductive, with cherry, cocoa,
and cola notes, it makes a great casual wine for hearty meat dishes.

But what do I like most about this wine? I couldn’t find a Web site
or bottle image on the Internet. That tells me this winery is interested
more in the quality of the wine rather than the marketing.

Yum. Yum. Yum!

Imported by M. Touton Selections.

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