Domaine Saint Gayan Côtes-du-Rhônes 2006, $15

Gayan CdR
This is one of those wines that is easy to miss. At first, second, even
third or fourth taste, it is a pleasant Côtes-du-Rhône, nicely
balanced, but not showing a whole lot. Now, 48 hours later, it’s still
not showing off, but it is getting better – a bit more fruit but mostly
stony tannins that echo the rugged mountains of Provence and the
southern Rhone. This wine speaks of the earth, of garrigue scrubbed clean by the fierce winds of the mistral.

The Meffre family are 11th-generation winemakers – the family bought
their first vineyards during the reign of Louis XIV. The
Côtes-du-Rhône is sourced from vineyards in the commune of Sablet near
the border of Gigondas. It tastes as though somone put the famous
stones of Châteauneuf in a blender and then filtered the wine through

At a time when Rhône wines are aping the New World paradigm of
fruit-forward, in-your-face fun, this is a welcome flashback to Old
World-style terroir.

Imported by Europvin S.A. A Christopher Cannan Selection.

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