Bex Riesling 2006, Mosel, $10

This is a simple Riesling – semi-dry (meaning it has a touch of
sweetness but doesn’t really come off as sweet, because its acid keeps
it in balance) – with textbook flavors of apricot and peach. No
complexity, really, no slatey minerality, nothing to suggest it should
inspire poetry or revolutions. But it is just the type of wine every
Chinese restaurant should be hoarding to offer under $20 a bottle. It
will moo goo my gai pan just nicely, thank you!

Imported by Purple Wine Co., Graton, CA.

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One Response to Bex Riesling 2006, Mosel, $10

  1. dan g. says:

    i agree, but I would say it has more than a touch of sweetness. I am drinking it right now and it tastes sweet.

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