Here’s Mud in Your Eye, Mon Ami!

One of the first things Barack Obama will do as president of the United States on January 20 will be to insult the French.

Immediately after he takes the oath of office and delivers his
inaugural address, the new president will join 200 dignitaries in
Statuary Hall of the U.S. Capitol for the traditional Inaugural
Luncheon. Congressional leaders have hosted this event every four years
since 1897, toasting the new chief executive in a spirit of bipartisan

The wine that will fuel these toasts? Korbel Champagne Cellars Russian River Valley Natural’ Champagne.
Korbel has been the inaugural bubbly ever since Ronald Reagan’s second
inauguration in 1985, the winery said in a January 9 press release.

The use of “Champagne” on American wine labels has been an issue of
contention between Washington and Paris (and Brussels, as the Euopean
Union has weighed in) for many years. Although the United States agreed
to ban the use of most Euopean place names on wine labels, it insisted
on and won a grandfather exeption for certain older brands such as
Korbel that had been using the word Champagne for decades. They are not
allowed to use it on wine shipped to Europe.

Champagne Ad
The Office of Champagne USA in Washington has launched a nationwide
advertising and peitition effort aimed at protecting place names. It has
some allies in the U.S. wine industry. The Napa Valley Vintners
Association, for example, is very vigilant against wines with “Napa” in
their name when the juice is produced elsewhere.

A spokesman for the Office of Champagne USA declined to say anything
on the record and indicated the office would not protest the choice
of Korbel for the inaugural luncheon. And with the spirit of goodwill
surrounding the new administration, I doubt Foggy Bottom will be getting
an angry cable from the Quai d’Orsay.

Still, it’s an interesting choice for such a high-profile setting to
feature a wine that has been at the center of diplomatic disputes. I
have nothing against the quality of the wine – Korbel will do just
fine for the toasts. But there are many U.S. sparkling wines that would
do as well while celebrating the U.S. origin and character without the
marketing crutch of pretending to be something they aren’t.

Then again, insulting the French is as American as apple pie. Perhaps
some viticultural jingoism is not out of place at a presidential

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4 Responses to Here’s Mud in Your Eye, Mon Ami!

  1. Jeff Siegel says:

    And you know the worst part is, Dave? There are so many more interesting
    sparkling wines to serve — Gruet and Argyle for starters. This doesn’t
    bode well for the new president’s wine savvy.

  2. Well, to be fair to Obama, who reportedly has a 1,000-bottle cellar at
    home in Chicago, this probably wasn’t his choice to make. The luncheon
    is organized by the Joint Congressional Inauguration Committee. But I
    agree with your comment about the variety of U.S. sparkling wine.

  3. mudd says:

    great post! very interesting and informative! i enjoyed reading your
    blogs!! keep posting!

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