Regional Wine at the Obama Inauguration

Yesterday I wrote about a potential diplomatic gaffe
in wine choices at next week’s presidential inauguration. Tonight I’m
happy to report more positive news – that one inaugural gala will
feature a regional wine, a testament to how local wine is improving
throughout the United States.

Barboursville Vineyards,
Virginia’s premier winery, will have two wines featured at the
Inaugural Conservation Gala in Washington on January 19, the night
before President-elect Barack Obama takes the oath of office. If, like
me, you just said, “Huh?” – the gala is hosted by the International Conservation Caucus Foundation, a lobbying group that promotes good resource management practices.

The gala will feature Barboursville’s Cabernet Franc Reserve 2006 during the reception and the Octagon 2005, the winery’s premier Merlot-based Bordeaux blend, at the dinner. Winemaker Luca Paschina
is justly proud of Octagon. He argues that Virginia, in order to prove
itself as a world-class wine region, needs to produce top-notch wine
consistently over a number of vintages, and that Octagon, now in its
eighth vintage, is that wine. Octagon is consistently a stylish, elegant
red that resembles Bordeaux more than California.

Congratulations to Luca and the Barboursville team! And remember to Drink Local Wine!

For more information on Virginia wine, including a talk by Luca Paschina on traveling Virginia wine country, click here.

Photo of Luca Paschina from the Barboursville Web site.

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  1. The Wine Curmudgeon says:

    Presidential inauguration wine
    The wine world has been atwitter with rumors and gossip about the wines
    that will be served at Barack Obama’s various presidential
    inauguration festivities next week. Sad, isn’t it, that those are the
    kinds of things that get us excited?…

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