Choosing a wine to celebrate today‚€™s inauguration of Barack Obama
as the 44th U.S. president was easy ‚€“ American bubbly was called for,
of course. This morning I selected several of my favorites and put them
on the patio (our ‚€œwalk-out‚€ fridge) to share with our guests who
were coming for an inaugural brunch and to watch all the speechifying in
warmth and comfort. I chose a Kluge 2005 SP Blanc de Blancs from Virginia for a local, regional theme, and an Iron Horse 2004 Classic Vintage Cuvée.

But for the noontime toast to our new president, the most appropriatLeReve_BottleShote was Domaine Carneros Le Rêve 2001.
A wine named ‚€œthe dream‚€ summed up our thrill and our hopes in this
historic occasion, as the nation embraced its new young president. (The
first to be younger than I am, which is hard enough to swallow, so the
wine had to be good!)

All three wines were up to the occasion.
The Kluge was crisp and refreshing, showing Virginia‚€™s potential with
sparkling wine, while the Iron Horse packed its usual power and grace.
The Domaine Carneros had softened with age, allowing lovely, ripe fruit
flavors to emerge, a dream matured and fulfilled.

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