Are You Drinking Your LBVs?

Port brings to mind stuffy old geezers in smoking jackets LBVs
who “repair to the library” after dinner to puff on cigars, discuss
affairs of state (in speech rife with “I say!” and “Hear, hear!”), toast
Baron James Forrester and share dim, slightly fictional memories of
vintages long past.

Which is to say, port isn’t hip.

Well, it should be. Port, the fortified sweet wine from the Douro
Valley of northern Portugal, comes in nearly as many styles and
variations as Manolo Blahnik shoes, and it is just as versatile in
matching outfits — or in this case, desserts. With Valentine’s Day
approaching, it’s time to move port from the dusty library to the racy
boudoir because of its special affinity for that most romantic of foods,

You can read more about Port – especially Late Bottled Vintage
Ports and the fantastic 2003 vintage now available – in my wine column
in today’s Washington Post.

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