Rosa Regale Brachetto d’Acqui – a Great Chocolate Wine

No, not a chocolate-flavored wine, but a great wine to pair with chocolate, especially cake and cookies and other coRosa Regalenfections. €˜Smores, perhaps? No need for stuffy gourmandise when the wine is as fun as a Brachetto d€™Acqui.

If you€™ve only seen one Brachetto d€™Acqui, it was probably Rosa Regale, produced and imported by Banfi.
It has the advantage of being made in relatively large quantities and
being backed by a powerful and effective marketing empire. It€™s also
delicious, featuring bright cherry and strawberry flavors and enticing
aromas of rose petals. It typically sells for about $18 – $20.

Brachetto has some other advantages as a dessert wine for your
Valentine€™s dinner €“ it€™s bright red color suggests romance, as do
the bubbles of its light mousse. It€™s also low in alcohol €“ Rosa
Regale chimes in at 7 %, which is actually a tad high for Brachetto.
That means it won€™t knock you out of contention for any post-dinner

And oh yes €“ any leftover Brachetto will do just nicely with breakfast the next morning.

I€™ll have more recommendations for Brachetto and
other frothy sweet Italian reds throughout the week, and in this
Wednesday€™s column in The Washington Post.

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