Breakfast Wine for the Morning After …

Forget €œhair of the dog.€ The best breakfast wine can be the same
one you finished with the night before. At least, that is, if you
washed down dessert with Brachetto d€™Acqui or other frothy Italian
reds that are ideal with chocolate desserts.

These unassuming
wines won€™t win philosophical debates or score huge Parker Points. But
they score high on my Fun Meter. And they are excellent with chocolate
cake, cookies, brownies, €˜Smores, anything that includes a fruit
component or sauce.

Here are some of the best, in my February 11 column in The Washington Post.

Valentine€™s Day! (Now, it€™s up to you to arrange the flowers, the
barbershop quartet, or the limo to the restaurant € )

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