Bring Back the Samplers

When I began my wine explorations two decades ago, one store in DC I
regularly visited was Mayflower Wine & Spirits, on M St NW. The
store specialized in Italian wines, but it had a great selection from
around the world, and a very helpful staff. A lot of people who
currently shape the DC wine scene spent some time working at Mayflower.

One of Mayflower€™s attractions was its monthly sampler. Each month,
the store owner, Sidney Moore, would send out a self-published
newsletter (a lot of work back then in the pre-email era) with various
sale offerings, including a six-bottle sampler. These would be wines
that she wanted to feature for one reason or another, sometimes
following a theme, such as Tuscan reds, or northern Italian whites, or
two whites and four reds from Piedmont, or syrah from around the world
€“ whatever struck Sidney€™s fancy that month.

When we visited the store, there would be six-pack wine boxes, the
type wineries use for their tasting room sales, stacked on the floor,
filled with that month€™s sampler selections. They were typically
priced with the case discount, and Sidney had printed fliers with her
descriptions of the wines.

I didn€™t buy the samplers regularly, but once in awhile when two or
three of Sidney€™s descriptions caught my fancy, I would splurge and
lug a box home. The wines may not have been ones I was eager to run back
and stock up on, but they were good, and I learned about wine as I
explored different grapes and styles. And the sales staff €“ the same
people selling me wine today at various stores or working for importers
and distributors in the region €“ got to know me better and help shape
my wine palate because of my reactions to these wines.

Mayflower is long gone, and Sidney Moore (now Sidney Margolis) is retired from the wine business, happily making furniture in
DC. But I wonder – why don€™t more stores offer samplers
today? Many still do in-store tastings, allowing customers to try a wine
before purchasing, but the samplers offered something else, a sense of
experimentation and exploration, a hope that in that last bottle, the
one I never would have purchased if it wasn€™t part of the pack €“
part of Sidney€™s recommendations €“ I might find a real gem.

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2 Responses to Bring Back the Samplers

  1. fotorules says:

    Bin 604 in Baltimore does a wine case of the month for $99 … usually a
    20% savings … in this month’s case are a Sauvignon Blanc, Oracle 2008
    (South Africa), a Grenache Rose, Cote de Hayas 2007 (Spain) and a
    Bonarda, El Fogon 2005 (Argentina) plus nine others … always fun to
    try different wines without much risk …

  2. Glad to hear it! More stores should do this type of promotion. Any idea
    they don’t? Do customers not take advantage of the opportunity to try
    and interesting wines?

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