DrinkLocalWine.com – The Site, the Conference

is back! It never left, really, just sort of lingered around after
Regional Wine Week last October. But it now has received a makeover and
is relaunched as the Web€™s best (we hope) portal for reading about
wine made in the 47 states that are not California, Oregon or
Washington, plus Canada.

The relaunch is the work primarily of Jeff Siegel, my partner in
crime in this effort, who revamped the Web page while managing to keep
up his top-notch Wine Curmudgeon blog and podcasts. He even did a podcast with me, which I€™ll include here once it€™s posted.

DLW conference logo
Jeff has also been organizing the first ever DrinkLocalWine.com
conference, to be held Aug. 14-15 in Dallas. Sponsorship of this
year€™s gathering, which hopes to attract wine bloggers from across the
country, is primarily Texas-based and the conference will focus on
Texas wines. We hope to bring the road show to other wine regions in
future years. You can read the details of the conference €“ you guessed
it! €“ on DrinkLocalWine.com.

After all, Wine Country is Everywhere!

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