Bruce Here’s in Charge of the Sheep Dip

When I posted yesterday‚€™s defense of my wine pricing on The Washington Post
Food section‚€™s blog, several commenters rallied to my defense. Their
support is much appreciated. But I couldn‚€™t leave one comment, from
someone called ‚€œsheepherder,‚€ on the Internet without a challenge.
Not so much because sheepherder would like to herd me into oblivion, but
because the criticism leveled is so wrong and ill-informed that I could
not leave it alone.

Here‚€™s is sheepherder‚€™s lament:

Mr Mcintyre should be shown the door at the WP. He reviews are wrose than his predecessors and don’t hold a candle to Ben’s.

If the WP keeps him he needs to concentrate more on VA and MD wines
and throw in East Coast wines for good measure. At least one column a
month should concentrate on local wines only. You have more than enough
material for 3 local wine columns a month and tastings. With all hoopola
over eating local the Food section of the WP needs to get with it and
concentrate on local wines along with local produce, local cheese and
local meat especially locally raised lamb! And lets not forget the stock
dogs that work local livestock. Nothing beats watching a a good herding
dog moving 500+ sheep and lambs on beautiful spring morning with fog
just lifting.

Posted by: sheepherder | May 28, 2009 7:26 AM | Report abuse

(Sheepherder was referring in his nostalgia to Ben Giliberti, who
wrote the Post wine column for 20 years and rarely, if ever, wrote about
local wines. I believe this is the first published comment I‚€™ve seen
since I took over the column last October wishing for the old days. Some
sort of milestone, I guess.)

And here is my reply, posted on Sunday, as soon as I saw the comment:

Oh, Sheepherder, wake up and smell the sheep dip.
I’ve written more about local wines in my eight months with the Post
than anyone ever has, including Ben (who doesn’t like local wines, by
the way). Remember my recent column on Virginia Viognier? My column
about local wines in October (and my creation – with a friend – of the
Web site and “Regional Wine Week”)? Or that I recommended Virginia
wines for Thanksgiving, including them along with wines from elsewhere
because they are good enough not to be treated as novelty items anymore?
I reported on Jim Law’s shift to lighter bottles at Linden, and I
included Virginia in my recent column on US Sauvignon Blanc. Did you see
Mary Jordan’s fine piece about Virginia wines wowing the British
vinoscenti at the recent London International Wine Fair? It was
published merely ONE DAY before you posted your comment. Who do you
think alerted her that Virginia wineries were coming to London?

You have seen plenty of coverage of local wines and the local
wine scene in my columns – and you will continue to, if you pay

Thanks for reading – and thanks to everyone else for the kind
words and support. I appreciate all feedback, including negative (as
long as it’s justified, which sheepherder’s complaint is not.)

Dave Mc

Posted by: DaveMcIntyre | May 31, 2009 12:43 PM | Report abuse

And here are the columns I‚€™ve written for The Washington Post since I took over the wine column last October 1 that either feature or mention local or regional wines:

October 8: Local Vintner‚€™s Grow Respect

October 15: Some Rules Are Made to Be Broken (I have to fix this link
‚€“ a Virginia wine was featured in a column on unusual blends.)

November 19: The Annual Puzzle of What to Pour (Virginia wines included in Thanksgiving wine recommendations.)

December 24: When it Pays to Be a Lightweight (Linden Vineyards featured in discussion of wineries switching to lighter bottles.)

January 7: How to Put Riesling Fears to Rest (New York and Canadian Riesling featured.)

April 1: A Grape Virginia Vintners Can Love

May 13: Sauvignon Blanc‚€™s American Makeover (Virginia Sauvignon Blancs touted.)

And one extra:

May 27: Virginia Makes Wines? Yes, and London Likes Them
(By Post London Correspondent Mary Jordan. Unfortunately, I was unable
to go to London for the International Wine Fair, but I did alert Mary to
the idea of a fun story that would resonate back home, and she did a
terrific job. I hope she got to taste the wines!)

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2 Responses to Bruce Here’s in Charge of the Sheep Dip

  1. Jeff Siegel says:

    Oh my, Dave — you’re not a fan of regional wine? I would have thought
    the criticism would have been that you write too much about those crappy
    Virgina wines and not enough about all those perfect, 98 point Napa
    Maybe we should invite this guy to the conference?

  2. Not a bad idea – except I don’t know who he is! [?]

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