Scenes from Vinexpo

Vinexpo 001
Vinexpo, Bordeaux’s biennial bacchanal for the wine trade, is
dangerous. It is easy to get whiplash flitting from Austria to
Australia, or Burgundy to Romania, with a mere turn of the head. This
wine fair is not your garden variety wine festival where you’re likely
to get shoved to the side by a thirsty crowd and be forced to swallow a
horrible wine because the spit bucket is back at the other end of the
table. The exhibition hall would give an airplane hangar an inferiority
complex, and the booths have spit buckets to spare. Heck €“ some of the
booths even have restaurants!

Everyone is on the make here. Wineries cater to their importers while
hoping to attract new clients in unexplored markets. Wine writers troll
the exhibits hoping to conduct interviews and explore a year’s worth of
article ideas in just a few days.

Here are some scenes from this year€™s Vinexpo, underway June 21-25 in Bordeaux.

Vinexpo 047

Something tells me Asia€™s an important market €

Vinexpo 044

Argentina is down this way, somewhere €

Vinexpo 048

The Decanter magazine booth, with the winners of Decanter World Wine
Awards available for tasting, caused traffic jams in the Exhibition Hall
to rival the rush hour bouchon on the Bordeaux ring road €

Croft Pink

Now, I love Port, and I love rosé, but I€™m skeptical about the combination €.

Vinexpo 052

Watch out! It might be a trend!

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