Regional Wine Week Coming, Oct. 11-17

Calling all wine bloggers! The second annual Regional Wine Week will be
October 11 through 17. This is the week we encourage all wine bloggers,
newspaper columnists, radio or TV talking heads, to feature “wine
from around here – wherever here happens to be.”

Regional Wine Week was created last year by Jeff Siegel (The Wine Curmudgeon)
and myself to highlight the impressive growth in quality of wine that
is not made in the usual places (such as California, Oregon and
Washington State.) This year we are hoping to get 50 or more bloggers to
participate, and we will link to their posts on By leveraging Facebook and Twitter, who knows how many people we’ll be able to reach!

So if you blog about wine and would like to participate, please let
us know. If you know someone who blogs about wine, please forward this
post as an invitation for them to participate.

This is an exciting time for local wine – the Eat Local movement is
beginning to realize that Drink Local is a logical part of any
reasonable campaign for local agriculture.

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