Regional Wine Week Starts Tomorrow! (Oct. 11, that is … )

Regional Wine Week starts tomorrow, Sunday, October 11, and we€™ve
got an exciting lineup of bloggers and writers who will be writing about
their local wines and wineries they€™ve experienced on their travels
around this great land. Remember, wine is now made in all 50 states €“
not just the West Coast! You might not know that if you rely only on the
major wine publications, so let€™s light up the blogosphere with
reports on €œwine from around here.€

So where will you be able to find these scintillating and fascinating reports, you ask? They will be linked at,
the Web site €œWine Curmudgeon€ Jeff Siegel and I created last year
for the first Regional Wine Week. Bookmark it and return throughout the
week (and afterwards!) to see what new articles have been posted. Then
you can discover some of the underground wine writers who are
chronicling your local wine scene. If you’re a Washington Post reader, you’ll find my feature on Loudoun County, Virginia, wines in Wednesday’s Food section.

Jeff and I will also try to remember to update our Twitter feeds
#dlw09 and alert our Facebook friends and fans of of
new postings throughout the week.

Just as a tease, I will report on my recent visit to a winery that makes this singular boast on its welcome sign:


Can you guess? Leave a comment if you think you know. Then check in here and at to find out.

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1 Response to Regional Wine Week Starts Tomorrow! (Oct. 11, that is … )

  1. Brian says:

    Has to be Volcano Winery 🙂

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