Rhode Island Tranquility

Newport Tranquility
It’s gratifying, being a wine critic and competition judge, to have
my initial impressions of a winery validated on a subsequent encounter. I
first discovered Newport Vineyards of Rhode Island last year, when their 2007 Riesling won Best of Show in the Atlantic Seaboard Wine Competition.
Recently, a friend brought a bottle of Newport’s 2008
“Tranquility” to an all-girls party my wife was hosting. Thankfully,
my wife put the bottle aside with a last taste until I got home that

When she handed me the glass, I took one sniff and said, “Alsatian.
Good quality.” Was it Riesling? There seemed to be some
Gewurztraminer, but also a floral/peachy note that disguised the grape
content. I was delighted when she showed me the label, because since
last year’s contest I hadn’t had the opportunity to taste any other
Newport wines.

Tranquility is 47% Gewurztraminer, 35% Muscat Ottonel (that elusive
note that eluded me), 11% Pinot Gris and a mere 7% Riesling. It is great
stuff, and should delight any fans of Alsace. It sells for $20 at the

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One Response to Rhode Island Tranquility

  1. Another pleasant wine from that part of the world is Sharpe Hill
    Vineyards’ “Ballet of Angels”, which can be purchased online via
    Suburban Wines in New York.
    I don’t have an interest in the winery — I’m just a fan.

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