The Vintner and the Herbalist

“White wine with fish, red wine with meat” – remember how that used
to define wine and food pairing? It’s still fairly safe, if
unadventurous. Wine lovers will often tell you to match wine not with
the meat, but with the sauce, or the seasoning. These flavors, after
all, are often the accent that determines how food speaks to our

In this video, I speak to Mary Watson DeLauder, a noted sommelier who
is revered (for the lack of a better word) in the Virginia wine
industry for her support of the Old Dominion’s wines, about how
different herbs affect the flavor of wine. We’re at Corcoran Vineyards
in Loudoun County, with winemaker Lori Corcoran. Listen as Mary
identifies the “magic” herb that complements nearly every wine, and as
she and I deal with flying hair. And just for titillation, Mary even
cusses! Hey, it’s the Internet! We can say anything!


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