Loudoun County – DC’s Bedroom Community AND its Wine Country!

Loudoun County in Northern Virginia has been experiencing the same
growth in number of wineries as the state overall. Three of those –
Tarara, Boxwood and Sunset Hills – are leading a new wave of quality
improvements. Read about new and exciting developments in DC’s Wine
Country in my feature in today’s Washington Post Food section.

And here is my video with Todd Thrasher, sommelier of Restaurant Eve
in Alexandria, Va., discussing our favorites from a tasting of 28
Loudoun County wines. Warning – the video is long, about 10 minutes, and
I never really figure out what to do with my hands. And someone should
give Todd a tissue. But after all, this was only 2 days after I got my
nifty new Flip videocamera, so I was really really new to this.


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One Response to Loudoun County – DC’s Bedroom Community AND its Wine Country!

  1. Craig Colgan says:

    Great job. Sound is awful. But fix that and keep rockin.’ What fans of
    Virginia wine need more than anything right now, I think, is/are
    critiques that make sense, that are not condescending, that come from
    informed critics who confront these issues, such as your reference to
    “it doesn’t scream Virginia,” etc. That was great! Deal with the issues,
    man. Very nice.

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