Regional Wine Week – half way point

If you haven’t yet checked out REGIONAL WINE WEEK on,
you should. We’ve got harvest updates on the Finger Lakes and Niagara
from Lenn Thompson’s New York Cork Report, plus a post from Paul Vigna
on how the bad economy has some prime Pennsylvania vineyard land
languishing on the market. Rémy Charest has reported on the current scandale
in Canadian wine – a legal loophole that allows wine from elsewhere to
be labeled “cellared in Canada”. Brian Kirby is scouting out some
exciting developments in Maryland. And Richard Leahy writes about wines
produced from goofball grapes that will surprise you with their quality.

Remember – Think Globally, Drink Locally. And support Regional Wine Week by visiting!

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1 Response to Regional Wine Week – half way point

  1. Allen Clark says:

    Dave – Speaking of local wine (OK, just locally-available wine), have
    you gotten an invitation from Lyaeus Imports yet for a tasting of their
    debut here (Volpaiole)? If not, let me know, I can send you the info.
    They’ll be bringing in two wines made from an estate vineyard situated
    next to Sassicaia’s. Small allotment, but all to be distributed only to
    DC shops.
    Are you still in Silver Spring? I thought I’d call, but wasn’t sure.

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