Champagne Outside the Envelope

Champagne is too expensive to be an everyday tipple, much as many of
us might want to enjoy it on a daily basis. Rather, ít’s a special
occasion wine, and this often leads us to rely on familiar brand names
when we splurge on a bottle of bubbly. While those old favorites – the
Veuve Clicquots or Moet & Chandon – are fine and reliable fizz,
there is more excitement out there. So this year, I suggest looking
either to small grower Champagnes for something distinctive and
individual, or to some nice bubbly from other regions. Drink outside the
slipper, or the envelope, or whatever cliché you want to recite.

Anway, my recommendations for high quality fizz for those willing to splurge this holiday season are in today’s Washington Post. (The online version has more recommendations than the print edition.) I’ll have some bargain bubbly recommendations next week.


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5 Responses to Champagne Outside the Envelope

  1. M Barry says:

    A couple of years ago, I had a very good champagne that was produced in
    Albuquerque, NM. I believe the name was Gruet. Was that a fluke or is
    it still around?

  2. Gruet is still around and consistently producing fine, value-priced

  3. Scott says:

    Have you tried Couche? We tasted it at Tour de Champagne last month and
    thought it was fantastic. Alas, I don’t think they have a US
    distributor yet.

  4. Cant say I have, no! Ill keep an eye out for it in case it ever comes
    out of hiding …

  5. Scott says:

    They used to–and still might–pour it at Bubble Lounge champagne bar in
    NYC and SF if you’re traveling anytime soon. The zero dosage is really
    really yummy.

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