Sweet Endings for 2009

Earlier this month I wrote two columns for The Washington Post
recommending sparkling wines for the holidays – one on wines above $30,
the other for more budget-conscious revelers. All the wines were dry.
That led one frustrated reader to fire off an e-mail complaining about
“brut this and brut that,” reminding me that some people prefer sweet
sparkling wine.

So this week I oblige, with some delightful recommendations from southern France, Italy and Spain.

Cheers, and thank you for reading Dave McIntyre’s WineLine
in 2009! What started 10 years ago as an e-mail newsletter (no one
called them “blogs” back then) will continue in 2010. You can find me on
Facebook at /wineline and Twitter @dmwine as well!

Happy New Year!

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3 Responses to Sweet Endings for 2009

  1. Jeff Siegel says:

    Gruet demi-sec, my friend. Wonderful wine (perhaps my favorite of all
    the sparklers they do), and from New Mexico.

  2. Brian Kirby says:

    I agree with Jeff. Gruet is doing some remarkable things in New Mexico.
    Plus, the prices can’t be beat. Drink local:-)

  3. New Mexico is not exactly local to D.C., and the Gruet wines are not
    widely available here (though they can be found). Ive not seen the
    demi-sec, though it may be around.

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