Vino Volo: The Only Way to Fly

Waiting for a flight out of Dulles International Airport the other
day, I was pleased to see my gate was in Terminal C. That meant I could
pass the time at Vino Volo, the best thing to happen to airport food since …. well, ever.

Vino Volo, which has outlets at 10 airports around the country, is a
stylish wine bar concept with (at Dulles at least) a modest but fresh
and interesting menu and a modest but interesting wine selection. You
can buy a glass or a flight of tastes, and even a bottle to take on the
plane (you’re through security already!).

Vinovolo_logo While waiting for my flight, I enjoyed a flight of three wines from Miller Wine Works
in Napa Valley. Three big red wines, which in their small tastes were
delicious and paired well with braised pork tacos. All the tensions of
preparing for a trip and getting to the airport and through to the gate
evaporated with each sip.

Another laudable point about Vino Volo – each of its stores carries
some local wine. So the Vino Volo in San Antonio has some Texas wine on
its list, and the Dulles outpost has some from Virginia. For curious
and thirsty traveler.

Vino Volo at Washington Dulles International Airport is located near gate C3.

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2 Responses to Vino Volo: The Only Way to Fly

  1. VA Wine Diva says:

    I’ve heard a lot of great things, but I always seem to be leaving Dulles early in the morning 😦

  2. Timing is everything!

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