DrinkLocalWine.com 2010 – THIS SUNDAY!

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There’s still time to register for this Sunday’s DrinkLocalWine.com 2010 conference and Twitter Taste-Off in Leesburg, Va.
This conference – for bloggers, Tweeters and wine lovers of all kinds
– will highlight issues facing local wineries in the Mid-Atlantic,
plus the chance to taste wines from about 25 of the best wineries in Virginia and Maryland.


The conference is modeled after the one held last August in Dallas, which of course featured Texas
wines. The Twitter Taste-Off is a real treat and not at all as silly as
it sounds. There will be free WiFi onsite so anyone with a smartphone
or a laptop or – gasp! even an iPad! – can instantly tweet each wine
review. All the tweets will be displayed on a big screen at the event
and of course will become part of the Library of Congress’ Twitter
archive! It’s a great chance to taste these wines and meet some
winemakers, and of course it’s a great opportunity for the wineries to
generate some Twitter buzz on the Internet.


If you can’t join us, you can still follow the fun at http://twitter.com/drinklocalwine and the hashtags #DLW10 and #DLW10VA.


Registration is $65 in advance, $75 at the door, and includes three panel sessions discussing Virginia and Maryland
wine, social media and the wine industry, and why locavores aren’t
locapours. You also get lunch and the afternoon Twitter Taste-Off. A
full conference agenda, plus a list of participating wineries and
attending media members and the all important registration link, are
available at

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