Park Hyatt in D.C. adds a local winery to its locavore event

After I posted here and on The Washington Post’s All You Can Eat blog
castigating the Park Hyatt for not including any local wineries in its
June Masters of Food & Wine Event celebrating local agriculture, the
hotel promptly added one.

The day after my post, representatives
of the hotel approached Boxwood Winery in Middleburg, Va., and asked
them to participate. The winery immediately accepted, said Rachel
Martin, Boxwood’s executive director.

The Park Hyatt D.C.’s Blue
Duck Tavern is a terrific restaurant, and Chef Brian McBride does a
great job featuring local ingredients. Local wines are underrepresented
on the list, however, and they were left out of the initial lineup for
the June. 

The lineup for the event includes some top-name
West Coast wineries, including Brewer-Clifton, Melville, Caymus, and
Duckhorn. But for an event celebrating local agriculture, it seemed
fitting that at least one local winery should be involved.

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5 Responses to Park Hyatt in D.C. adds a local winery to its locavore event

  1. dcpatton says:

    Good to see the locals get a chance. Nice job Dave!

  2. Jeff Siegel says:

    Right on, brother… Now, if we can get the California wineries to taste
    the Boxwood blind and try to figure out where it is from…..

  3. Too little, too late! I’m glad they included Boxwood. I know Rachel and
    their wines, and they represent the premium quality of wines that
    Virginia can produce….but, boo to the Park Hyatt for being so
    short-sighted.. you would think that their MBA marketing execs would
    actually understand the definition of ‘locavore.’

  4. Good for you, Dave. As you no doubt know, other worthwhile local
    additions to the Park Hyatt’s wine list would be selections from Linden
    Vineyards and Pearmund Cellars. Bob Schreiner

  5. Agreed! I enjoyed Chris Pearmunds Petit Manseng at the event.

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