Welcome Back

Welcome back, if I say so myself. To myself.

I haven’t been
posting on this blog lately, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy.
In the weeks I’ve been silent here, I’ve been writing my weekly columns
for The Washington Post. In case you haven’t been able to follow those, I’ll post links here as I get caught up.

I’ve also been pleased to serve as Eric Asimov’s straw man in The New York Times
as he rode to the defense of “natural wines” against my seemingly
fierce criticism. (That sounds snide, but he did quote me accurately and
fairly, if incompletely. And I have no complaints about being taken
seriously by The New York Times.)

Most notably, in recent weeks the locapour movement seems to be gaining steam. After the success of our DrinkLocalWine.com 2010 conference in April helped bring attention to Virginia and Maryland wines, the Wine Bloggers Conference
announced that they will meet in Charlottesville, Virginia, next year. I
can’t claim credit for that, but applaud it and have set aside July
22-24, 2011, on my calendar. There are other positive developments, too,
which I’ll discuss in coming posts.

It’s nice to see you again!



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2 Responses to Welcome Back

  1. Don Winkler says:

    Dave, I was wondering why I hadn’t seen much from you on Facebook
    recently. Of course, I read…and appreciate… your Washington Post

  2. Bob Luskin says:

    “Murky & Funky yet nonetheless enchanting” Eric Asinov. I
    remember all to well when many wines fit that description. I remember
    when a consumer expected a few bad wines in each case.I remember the
    disappointment when wines developed poorly and unexpectedly. Its
    wonderful when organic wines succeed. Organic farming has many
    advantages;one being it saves money because chemicals are very
    expensive. In the East sprays are necessary to prevent mildew and rot. I
    will gladly take my chances with Opus one or Ch Lafite even if some
    sulfur entered the equation.Dave I will use these columns for discussion
    at my Border’s wine seminar tonight. Thanks for the material. Bob

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