Happy 30th Anniversary to Becky Wasserman!

Becky Wasserman is the grande dame of Burgundy. An American ex-pat, for
the past 30 years she has represented many of Burgundy’s greatest
estates, helping sell their wines to the United States, Britain and
elsewhere. Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to visit with Becky
in her offices in Beaune, on a cute little side street off a large
square. It would have been idyllic except for the street construction
that seemed, she said, to go on interminably. As I look out on my own
suburban street, torn up for the second summer in a row for some
mysterious water main repair, I want to say to Becky, “It’s not just the

My profile of Becky appeared in Wednesday’s Washington Post. The photo shows Becky with David Croix (left) of Maison Camille Giroud and Jean-Yves Devevey of Domaine Devevey.

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