Chardonnay – Yes, Chardonnay! – for Summer …

In the summer heat, we often say ixnay to the chardonnay, preferring
lighter, more acidic white wines. But we shouldn’t reject chardonnay
altogether. This week and next, in my Washington Post wine columns, I
recommend some terrific chardonnays for summer dining. The key? They are
unoaked, with great acidity and moderate alcohol levels.

Click here
for my column this week on the value-driven chardonnays of Macon, in
the southern end of Burgundy. Next week – Chablis in the north.

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1 Response to Chardonnay – Yes, Chardonnay! – for Summer …

  1. Jeff Siegel says:

    Yes, Dave, but how many Americans — brainwashed into toasty and oaky — would think that Macon is chardonnay? Well done.

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