Joe Yonan on Virginia Wines, at Blue Duck Tavern

Washington Post Food Editor Joe Yonan – known in my house as “your boss” – walks the walk of the locavore/locapour issue in his “Quick Bites” feature on NBC-4 this week. Joe tastes some of the wines from the new Virginia wine page at Blue Duck Tavern, one of DC’s most avidly locavore restaurants, and one I mentioned in my feature on local wines and local wine lists
in yesterday’s Food section. If I knew how to embed the video here, I
would, but we’ll have to settle for the link to the station’s website.

Nice shoutouts here for Rappahannock Cellars and Boxwood Winery.

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3 Responses to Joe Yonan on Virginia Wines, at Blue Duck Tavern

  1. Meg Hibbert says:

    Dear Dave,
    I’m saddened to hear via The Wine Curmudgeon that some snobby wine
    drinker sent you a negative e-mail about Virginia wines. As Virginia
    wine lovers for 30 years, my husband and I have tasted our way through
    the evolution of Virginia wines, from less than 20 wineries to the 160
    of today. We hosted an annual Virginia tasting in July to educate
    members of our wine club in Lynchburg, Va., about how good Virginia
    wines could be. Once we moved to Salem, Va., we started the Roanoke
    Valley Wine Tastemasters and did the same. I’m sure if he or she would
    only get over that prejudice, your e-mail writer could find plenty of
    Virginia wines to like at Vintage Virginia or other wine festivals in
    Virginia throughout the year.

  2. You know, my first impression of Virginia wine, more than 20 years
    ago, was not exactly favorable. But I had friends who kept telling me
    they were good, so I kept trying them. And of course, it helps to have
    an open mind. People whotqsted local wines a long time ago and didnt
    like them dont have to admit they were wrong. They only have to
    praise The winemakers for improving. Its time to swallow their pride
    and sip some wine.
    You have lucky friends, Meg. Thanks for commenting.

  3. We are very grateful for the support for ourselves and our Virginia
    colleagues as always, thank you for reposting!

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