Sweet on Local Dessert Wines

When exploring the greatly improving local wine scene, it’s easy to
focus on dry table wines – the most dramatic improvement – and lose
sight of dessert wines. Stickies have always been a staple of local
wines, but they are improving too. Check out my column in this week’s Washington Post  Food
secction for a story of innovation and wines that are often overlooked.
As Jim Law of Linden Vineyards says, “They demand your attention, but
they come at a point in the dinner when no one wants to pay attention.”

This is my final column in a month-long series about local wines –
well, sort of. It seems my local focus has ruffled some feathers among
readers, so next week I’ll answer charges that I’ve been “pandering” to
local winemakers. Stay tuned …

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2 Responses to Sweet on Local Dessert Wines

  1. A LeGault says:

    Oh, boo hoo to those complaining about your support of local wines. As a
    winery management professional, I recently moved back to Napa for a
    great job, but continue to promote those VA winemakers/wineries who are
    producing outstanding wines….Jim Law being the leader of the pack! As
    I see it, the main difference between VA and CA is that the wine
    establishment still won’t recognize the growth in quality of VA wines.
    Hang in there, Dave…although admittedly, I will be letting you know
    about the small lot production of wines at Black Stallion Winery on the
    Silverado Trail, where I now work. (couldn’t help myself!)

  2. Ill look forward to trying those wines, too!

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