Tweet me in St. Louis: DLW11 Begins

DLW11 Is underway in St Louis. We started today with a discussion of how
wineries can use social media like Facebook, Twitter and blogs to
connect with consumers on their own terms, without going through the
choke point of the winestream media.
Then we had a mini Twitter Tasteoff, as a preview for tomorrow. The
three wines represented the three annual conferences
has produced – the Becker 2009 Viognier from Texas represented our debut
conference, the Boordy 2007 Merlot from Maryland reminded us of last
year’s focus on the Mid-Atlantic, and the Stone Hill Estate 2007 Norton
did this year’s host state proud.
Tomorrow there will be more talking, of course — it’s a conference,
after all. But the highlight will be the afternoon’s Twitter Tasteoff,
with 21 Missouri wineries pouring two wines each. We expect about 100
people will join in the fun on person. Y
If you can’t be here, you can follow along on Twitter at #DLWMO or
As in, “Gimme MOWINE!”

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One Response to Tweet me in St. Louis: DLW11 Begins

  1. fery musowiru says:

    MOTHER TO LOVE Infinite ALONG THE BETA JUST PLEASE DO NOT GIVE BACK LIKE THE WORLD SOLAR shine: * make mom happy mother’s day we all love ya mam mama: ‘(

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