It’s Official: The Donald Trumps Kluge Estate’s Auction Bid

New World Red_05
So let the naming games begin: Donald Trump has purchased the Kluge
Estate winery and vineyard near Monticello, apparently as a ‚€œwhite
knight‚€ investor to keep Patricia Kluge and her husband, Bill Moses,
in charge of the winery. Trump purchased the bulk of the estate April 7
in a foreclosure auction, and told The Washington Post he would keep Kluge involved. (As  I first noted last November on the Post’s All We Can Eat food blog, Kluge and Moses were reportedly trying to interest Trump in the property shortly after their bank called the loan.)

Kluge and Moses may remain, Trump told the Post he would rename the
winery. Will it be Truge Estate? Trumpicello? Will he replace the cameo
of Patricia’s image on the New World Red (see photo) with his own mug
shot? Since he‚€™s promoting the ‚€œbirther‚€ controversy over
President Obama‚€™s citizenship, maybe he‚€™ll try to convince us the
vineyard isn‚€™t really in Virginia after all.

Whatever he calls
it, he paid Trump Change. Kluge and Moses lost the sprawling estate last
fall in a spectacular bankruptcy when their bank called in a $35
million loan on more than 900 acres they owned south of Charlottesville,
not far from the historic estates of Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe.
According to Charlottesville wine blogger Richard Leahy, Trump and another unidentified bidder split the estate – total bidding price was a mere $8.07 million.

parcel included the winery and the vineyards, at more than 160 acres
planted, Virginia‚€™s largest. ‚€œI‚€™m really interested in good real
estate, not so much in wine,‚€ Trump told the Post in an phone
interview after the auction. ‚€œThis place had a $28 million mortgage on
it, and I bought it for $6.2 million.‚€

Wonder what he‚€™ll charge for the wine …


(This post originally appeared in slightly different form on The Washington Post’s All We Can Eat blog on April 8.)

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3 Responses to It’s Official: The Donald Trumps Kluge Estate’s Auction Bid

  1. Citizen says:

    Since the financial issues at the root of the bankruptcy were more about
    selling the wines than making them, I’m still confused about having
    Patricia left in charge. Maybe Trump will publicly fire her, or hire
    her as a Democrat supporter for his Republican Presidential ambitions.
    Interesting to watch if you like this kind of reality show, not!

  2. Jeff Siegel says:

    So, Dave, does this mean that The Donald is officially a member if the
    Virginia wine business? Will he attend meetings with the other
    producers? Will he show up if we do in Virginia

  3. Kaisermjk says:

    That is a good question, Jeff. I am wondering if he will continue the
    Kluge Membership with WineAmerica.

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