The California-Without-Parker Video

I can’t add anything to this hilarious wine-themed version of the old “Hitler yelling” YouTube videos. It was apparently posted a week ago by the folks behind the Red to Brown Wine Review blog, and was quickly picked up by Dr. Vino, who has a keen talent for spotting these things, and Alder Yarrow on Vinography. I post it here in case you haven’t seen it yet. It should certainly be viral within wine geek communities. If you are unable to laugh at anything relating to Hitler, or if you don’t like some nasty language in your subtitles, just don’t watch it. You won’t like it.

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2 Responses to The California-Without-Parker Video

  1. If this doesn’t prove that Parker belongs in the Hall of Fame, I don’t know what does.

  2. Les Hubbard says:

    Indeed Parker belongs in the Hall of Fame, but not for his overwhelming influence today. Instead he deserves entry for starting his WA in 1978 as a Nadar-type consumer advocate. He later brought many commendable wineries to consumers’ attention which likely would have languished in the backwaters of France and elsewhere. Perhaps another message of the video is that wine critics excercise far too much influence over consumers’ selections of wines. Regardless, wine blogs bring wine lovers an array of new views, frequently worth considering. Any writing which helps consumers find wines more approachable and increases demand for wines as an alternative to hard liquor consumption appears commendable to me. Thus, the Internet has brought a whole new level of information to potential and experienced wine consumers.

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