The WineLine Poll: How Often Do You Drink Local Wine?

I’m no statistician or pollster, but we are getting into the silly season of a presidential campaign, and WordPress has this nifty feature that lets you create a poll with just a few clicks, so let’s have some fun. Every now and then (once a week if I remember), I’ll post a question and try to gauge how you, my readers, are thinking and drinking. And please don’t feel limited to the answers I put below – there’s plenty of room for discussion in the comments.

Perhaps I’ll get more ideas for posts and articles by knowing what’s on your minds. Or maybe so few people will participate that I’ll figure no one’s reading and just give up.

For our inaugural poll, in honor of Regional Wine Week, coming Oct. 9-15, please tell me how often you drink local wine.

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6 Responses to The WineLine Poll: How Often Do You Drink Local Wine?

  1. Mary Ann Dancisin says:

    Hi Dave!

    Nancy Parker Knowles publishes three quarterlies devoted to local wine: New England Wine Gazette, Finger Lakes Wine Gazette, and Virginia Wine Gazette. I’m the online editor for VA. There’s a landing page for the group at if your readers are interested.

    Mary Ann

  2. George Christo says:

    Hi Dave-

    Probably more like 3 times a week for the Virginia wines I love. Sometimes more than that, Dave!

    In no particular order, Piedmont, Pearmund, Chrysalis, Marterella, Gray Ghost, Naked Mountain… and that’s just for starters – they all have lots of somethings great to drink!


  3. Tommy Goff says:

    What do you consider local? I’m a native Virginian living in the triangle region of NC. I seldom if ever drink NC wines but do drink VA wines weekly if not daily. Horton mostly but some Barboursville, Gabrielle Rausse, Annefield, and what ever I get from the VA Wine of the Month Club.

  4. Well, I guess I don’t have any readers in California! 🙂

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