Regional Wine Week Roundup

Whew, what a week it’s been! Our fourth annual Regional Wine Week at has been our busiest ever, and most far-flung, too. We’ve had posts from 22 of The Other 47 states, plus Canada. Eric Asimov of the New York Times chimed in with a mouth-watering feature on Finger Lakes Riesling, as well as an online blog entry. And we’ve been swamped with entries in our 47-word essay contest. We’ll have the results of that sometime next week, but for now you can read all the posts here. And you may be surprised at what you’ll find:

This is a nice celebration of the diversity of American wine. Don’t miss Jeff Siegel’s piece on 7 Things You Need to Know About Regional Wine. And I don’t know if Richard Leahy is planning to shuffle off his mortal coil anytime soon, but he’s given us his bucket list of 18 Regional Grapes to Try Before You Die. I’m pretty sure I’ve had 16 of them, so I guess I’m almost ready to go!

Jason Phelps on Ancient Fire Wine Blog found an East Coast region that actually had sunny weather during harvest this year – New Hampshire. And who would have thought that Michigan’s oldest winery would be celebrating its 90th birthday? Sandra Silfven tells us the story of St. Julian winery. In Palate Press, Tom Mansell relocates from the Finger Lakes to Boulder and discovers the joys of Colorado wine country.

There’s much more to explore – on and at a winery near you.

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