Sneak Preview WoW: Lello Tinto 2009, Douro, $8

This Wine of the Week is a real “WoW”! The Lello Tinto 2009 from Portugal’s magnificent Douro Valley is the best Douro wine I’ve tasted under $10. The 2009 is better even that previous vintages. If price has kept you away from trying the unfortified table wines of the Douro, then Lello should be your choice for an introduction. There’s more good news, though, as I explain this week in my Wednesday wine column in The Washington Post: For a number of reasons, not least Europe’s economic woes, the prices of Douro wines seem noticeably lower than two years ago when I last wrote about them.

I give the Lello Tinto 2009 two stars (“Excellent”) out of three, and recommend stocking up on this for your house red.

In the Washington, D.C., area, Lello is distributed by Dionysus Imports: Available in the District at Pour Liquor and More, Rodman’s, and Whole Foods Market Foggy Bottom, P St., and Tenleytown; and on the list at Nando Piri Piri on 7th St NW and 18th St NW. Available in Maryland at Bradley Food & Beverage and Cork & Fork in Bethesda; in Gaithersburg; Rodman’s in Wheaton and White Flint; and on the list at Nando Piri Piri in Bethesda and Silver Spring; and Tavira in Chevy Chase. Available in Virginia at Arrowine in Arlington; Wegmans in Dulles and Gainesville; Whole Foods Market in Alexandria, Arlington, Charlottesville, Tyson’s Corner, and Vienna; and on the list at Carmello Restaurant in Manassas.




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7 Responses to Sneak Preview WoW: Lello Tinto 2009, Douro, $8

  1. Ali says:

    I’m really looking to expand my Portuguese “collection.” Any other great non-fortified wines from the region you recommend?

    • Yes! My column will be posted tomorrow on the Washington Post website. But anything from Quinta do Crasto, Quinta Noval (Cedre Noval), or Nieeport will be exceptional. Another good bargain is Altano from Symington, and their higher-end wines, made in partnership with Bruno Prats, (Prats & Symington) are also excellent.

  2. Tom Deschere says:

    Dionysus is the local distributor, are they also the importer. If not, do you know who the importer is?

  3. George Christo says:

    Oh, wow, Dave. Just got some to test. Awesome. Shhhhhhhhh!!!

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