Tickets on sale for 2012 in Colorado!

I’ve been away for a few days judging the Virginia Governor’s Cup wine competition – more on that later this month when the results are announced. For now, there’s other exciting news on the local wine front:

In our continuing quest to explore the bounty of regional wine in the United States, the 2012 conference will be held this year in Denver, to explore Colorado wine. Tickets for the April 28 conference and the ever-popular Twitter Taste-Off went on sale this week through the website.

This may be the last time you see this logo. Or not ...

This should be an exciting year. The DLW website is being redesigned and should launch soon, with a new logo to replace the one I’ve been posting here for three years. The mainstream media is giving more and more attention to wine that doesn’t come from the West Coast. The Colorado folks are excited that writers and wine lovers will be coming to Denver, and we have more sponsors than ever before. Jeff Siegel, who co-founded the website with me more than three years ago and has done most of the work organizing this shindig, spells out the deets on his blog, The Wine Cumudgeon.

As Jeff says: “By the way, we’re giving this away — $35 a session, and $65 for both [the stimulating wine discussions AND the Twitter Taste-Off], which includes lunch. I got an email the other day for a similar event in Texas, and the prices start at $85. And I know they don’t have as much fun as we do.”

I hope to see you in Denver on April 28!

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3 Responses to Tickets on sale for 2012 in Colorado!

  1. Dave – will there be a pre or post conference tour of wineries?

  2. Got my flight booked (Frontier out of DCA) and a hotel room set!

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