Winemaker’s Hands 3: Ivo Skaramuca’s plavac mali

Tom and Kathleen Kuker import and distribute wines from Croatia – a niche market, to be sure, but an interesting one given the willingness of today’s wine drinker to experiment with new grape varieties and countries. The wines I’ve tasted from their portfolio at T&K Distributors have been excellent. When Tom saw my earlier posts on Winemaker’s Hands, he offered this photo of Ivo Skaramuca holding a cluster of his plavac mali grapes.

“Not long ago I asked Ivo Skaramuca’s daughter to send me a photo of her father’s hands for our presentations,” Tom explained. “When we met with him, we were taken with the character of his hands. He and a few others work the land.”

The grapes go into a wine called Dingac. The Skaramuca family has been growing grapes for several generations on Croatia’s Peljesac Peninsula, which extends northwestward from Dubrovnik into the Adriatic Sea. Kinda like Long Island, only not flat. The best place to find the Skaramuca Dignac and other Croatian wines from the T&K portfolio is the Cosmopolitan Grill in Alexandria, Va.

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