Is it rosé season yet?

This wacky spring has had me salivating for rosė earlier than usual. Last Monday, on April 16, the high temperature was in the 80s, and I was taking a long walk in shirtsleeves. Today, we’ve finally had some rain and the high was only in the 40s. Even so, I have mentally made the shift to spring and rosé. My Washington Post readers will be reading about rosé soon even if the temperature is still hovering below the half-century mark, so let me give you a preview by recommending the Petit Bourgeois Rosé de Pinot Noir 2011 from Henri Bourgeois, a major producer in the Loire Valley of France. The color of this 100% pinot noir wine looks a little artificial, actually – sort of candied – but the flavor is fine. Nice strawberry fruit and an appealing herbal note along with good acidity to keep the wine fresh. At $12, it’s a keeper!

Imported and distributed by M Touton Selection.


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One Response to Is it rosé season yet?

  1. It’s always rose season. My annual rose epic will appear in about a month, just in time for Memorial Day.

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